• Acquisition and growth strategies for Insurance Organizations.                                                                                                       
  • Assist organizations in understanding Association Health Plan opportunities.
  • Growth strategies including M&A, restructuring and platform consolidation.
  • Guide firms as they transform their business models to adapt to the post-ACA environment.
  • Leverage extensive industry relationships to provide solutions-based strategies in the ever-shifting benefits marketplace. 
  • Markets include professional associations, union-endorsed plans, financial institutions and employer groups. 
  • Portfolios adapted specifically to direct response distribution including life, accident and health products.

Leadership and Team Alignment

CEOs, Boards and executive management are attempting to keep up with a rapidly changing environment while leading their organizations and planning for the future.

Does your organization have the right people in the right seats or are there gaps in critical areas?

Is the management team aligned with the organizational goals?

Are there conflicts within the team dynamics that are inhibiting alignment?

Are the correct processes and metrics in place to implement, quantify and execute the strategic plan? 

Sass Advisors works to improve team dynamics and alignment while ensuring comprehensive succession planning. Sass Advisors can also assist organizations when they transition leadership and on-board new talent.  

The Regulatory Environment

There has been increased scrutiny at the state and federal level of the traditional group insurance model. The new administration promises to make significant changes to the ACA. State Insurance Departments have experienced a talent drain as long tenured examiners have retired and budget deficits have impacted staffing and turnaround time for product and form approvals. Sass Advisors has successfully partnered Group and Individual insurance carriers to accelerate speed to market.

Strategic partnerships between insurance carriers and non-insurance providers can also fill gaps in the product portfolio.  

Americans are underinsured and under-protected.

Are your customers educated about the need and value of important benefits?

Are you using a multi-channel approach to reaching consumers? What is the level of engagement?

Does your organization have the tools to provide a seamless experience for your customers?

At Sass Advisors we work with you develop and execute the correct strategies.

Affordable Care Act

The Health and Human Services Secretary, while in Congress, has written  new healthcare reform legislation that will dramatically alter the current regulations if adopted. This draft legislation includes expanded Health Savings Accounts, Association health plans and new supplemental opportunities. Are you ready to take advantage of these opportunities?