Sass Advisors provides acquisition and growth strategies

for organizations as they transform their business

models to adapt to the post-ACA world.

Growth strategies include M&A, restructuring

and platform consolidation.

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Leadership and Team Alignment

Does your organization have the right people in

the right seats or are there gaps in critical areas

and is the management team aligned with the

organizational goals?

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Americans are underinsured
and under protected.

Are your customers educated about the need and

value of important benefits? Are you using a

multi-channel approach to reaching consumers?

What is the level of engagement?

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Sass Advisors can assist firms adopt growth strategies in this ever shifting benefits marketing place, and server as a resource for companies entering or expanding in the benefits arena.

Life Lessons

Meet Dave

Meet Dave

Dave Armstrong

25 years of executive leadership and expertise building and retaining high caliber teams in growth-oriented insurance benefits organizations.

SASS Associates


  • Healthcare Reform
  • Leadership Alignment
  • Acquistion Strategies
  • Strategic Planning

"Dave is a thoughtful, creative professional whose enthusiasm for his work motivates those around him."

Barbara Williams, Chief Executive Officer